Sunday Times Photoshoot

This picture of me and G appeared in The Sunday Times yesterday. It was illustrating a story about dads and babies, and appeared on page 4, hilariously pushing the article on the revolution in Egypt down to page 28.

The piece was about recent research in the US which suggested men were becoming increasingly keen to have children, as women focus more on their careers instead. As a stay-at-home dad, the article said that I "typified the new type of family setup." Not my words, but the words of The Sunday Times. And who am I to argue?

A photographer came round on Friday to take the pictures. He took some in our house then a few down by the canal in Dobcross, the village where we live. He then kindly sent me all the ones which weren't chosen for the paper.

This led me to think of a handy tip to help beat the economic downturn. People pay good money to have professional photos taken of their families. Clearly, all you actually have to do is be newsworthy enough to get a paper to do it for free. There's probably a limit to how far you should take that though. I don't think police mugshots are generally of such good quality.

(All pictures: Bob Collier for The Sunday Times)


Gary said...

Lovely set of photos! I'm sure they'll be treasured.. Kind of him to send you the "rejects!"