A Walk At Dove Stone Reservoir

I decided we should start the week by heading to one of our local beauty spots, Dove Stone Reservoir, for a bit of a walk around. Or, in G's case, a toddle.

She didn't get very far before she got distracted by a field full of sheep, then a succession of dogs which came past at regular intervals, offering several opportunities for G to both stroke them, and then show off her increasing array of animal noises.

Before long, G refused to go any further, and asked to be carried back to the car. Or at least I think that's what she was signalling in the picture above. It wasn't bad timing though, as the almost-inevitable drops of rain began to fall as soon as I strapped her in to her seat.

Once we'd got back home and had lunch, a very tired little girl drifted straight off into a deep afternoon nap. Might have to start making it a regular event. Weather permitting, of course.