Dove Stone Reservoir

It looked like a lovely spring afternoon, so I decided to drive G up to Dove Stone Reservoir near Greenfield for a walk around. I say 'looked' like a lovely spring afternoon, because by the time we got up there it had clouded over, and it was a bit chilly in the breeze. But no matter, I put G into her pram and walked her around part of the reservoir, before heading up the path that overlooks Chew Brook. It was there I found a rock where I could sit and feed her, and take this photo.

If G looks a bit windswept, it's because she was. If she looks as though she's got her thumb out to hitch a lift, well, I'm not really sure what that's about. Maybe she was fed up and wanted to go home.

You can just about see the reservoir in the back of the picture. No doubt this'll be the first of many visits there for G and me, because in an area of extremely pretty beauty spots, it's undoubtedly one of the best. Not that the beauty is all natural. The reservoir was actually constructed in 1967, which at least proves that not everything built in the 60s was a concrete monstrosity.


kathy said...

Look how BIG she's getting!! What a sweetheart.

Richard said...

Had her weighed yesterday, she's now 17lbs 5oz. Gigantababy!