Little Liar

Don't be fooled. Behind the cute exterior lies the devious mind of a master of deception.

As previously mentioned, G has been learning to sleep in a proper bed, with the help of a useful clock which shows a starry scene during the night, and switches to a yellow sun when it's time to get up. This has worked fairly well so far, with the clock helping to persuade G to go back to sleep when she wakes up during the early hours.

But I got the impression the other morning that G may be getting on top of the system already. About 20 minutes before the appointed time when the sun appears, I heard her fidgeting around in bed, before the familiar clumping of steps. When G came into our bedroom, I asked her to go back and check what was on her clock. I overheard her saying "stars... clock sleepy" to herself. When she returned, I asked what the clock was showing. "Sunshine!" she lied. Outmanoeuvred by a two-year-old, once again.