Sleeping Like A Baby

G is still having some difficulty adjusting to a world without a regular nap. This is actually entirely her fault, because she refuses to go down for a daytime snooze in her proper bed, so by late afternoon she's sometimes stomping around the house in an over-tired grump.

During our weekend trip to Aberdeen, she surprised us by dropping off to sleep on Mrs J. It was the first time either of us could remember her doing it since she was a baby. In fact, it left us wondering whether she was coming down with something, although she seemed fine after she'd slept for a bit.

The picture shows what happened back at home yesterday afternoon. After again refusing to get into bed, G was sat on my knee on the sofa when she turned round, leaned over on me and almost instantly started snoring. This meant I was stuck where I was for the next half an hour, something I haven't experienced for a couple of years. At least in the interim period I have acquired a fancy phone, so I was able to pass the time easily enough. Which is of course the important thing.