Sleeping Bunnies

Nursery rhymes, like children's TV and sweets, aren't quite like you remember. Everything seems mostly similar but just that little bit different, and not really as exciting or interesting as when you yourself were young. I suppose singing simple little songs can't really match the highly advanced things grown ups find thrilling, like video games and beer.

Although classic songs like The Wheels On The Bus and Row Row Row Your Boat remain staples at parent-and-toddler groups, the local favourite around here is a new one, Sleeping Bunnies. When I used to take G to a couple of groups every week, they always ended with songs, and the singing always ended with Sleeping Bunnies. At least twice.

G still enjoys doing it, especially now she's big enough to stomp about at the relevant part of the song. You can see her in action in the video above, a video which prompted another thought: I really ought to hoover that rug.