Out In The Cold

It's been chilly here the last few days. After G coughed and spluttered her way through most of December, I've been a bit reluctant to take her outside too often, lest she pick up another cold. But we decided to take a bit of a walk along the canal to the local garden centre this afternoon, for a cup of tea and a cake rather than any garden implements. As everybody knows, garden centres have the best tearooms.

This gave us the opportunity to put G in her new snowsuit, a 2-3 years model so still a bit big for her. As shown in the picture, her hands didn't quite stick out the end of the sleeves. This meant that when G was doing her usual 'I want to be carried' signal of furiously waving her hands around, her sleeves just flopped about, which kind of lessened the impact of her mini-tantrums. Obviously I still picked her up in the end though. She's not quite too heavy for that yet.