Half Term Week Is Boring

It's half-term. Not only does that mean that the schools are out, but it also means that the usual array of parent-and-baby activities aren't taking place. Which has kind of left me and G at a bit of a loose end.

It's not that I make an extra special effort to get along to the baby and toddler groups in the area. But I usually go to one in the local church on a Wednesday, and then a baby singing group on a Friday. Sometimes I make it to the Sure Start centre for the Tuesday playgroup too. It's not a big deal if we miss one, but I've realised this week quite how important these occasions are in giving me a reason to get up and out of the house of a morning.

Yesterday it was dry so I took G to the swings. But today the weather's been dreadful and by lunchtime, even though G was contentendly playing with her toys on the living room floor, I had got bored with hanging around the house, and decided we were going to walk into Uppermill. Even though it was chucking it down.

After picking up a few groceries which probably weren't all that essential, I decided to treat us to a trip to the cake shop. The picture shows G struggling to hide her disappointment at the realisation she was having to make do with a banana while I tackled a strawberry cake. She did dutifully finish the banana, so I rewarded her with a bit of mine in the end. G turned her nose up at the actual strawberry that came with it though. Even well-behaved toddlers have their limits.


RJR said...

Not surprised G was disappointed going out in the rain to eat a banana she could have had at home !! :)

Ps I think your Saddleworth News site is really informative.

John in Springhead

Richard said...

Thank you!