I Want What You're Having

Some babies and toddlers are fussy at meal times. They're very particular about what they will and won't eat, and how they'll eat it. G is a bit different. She'll eat just about anything, but only if she can have what you're having first.

Earlier on I got some soup and bread together for my lunch, and cut up an apple for G to snack on. Apples are one of her favourite foods, but she took one look at the fruit, and one look at me shovelling my food into my mouth, and did the thing she does when she wants something. Currently this involves sticking her arm out in the general direction of the required item, a hopeful look on her face, replaced with the beginnings of a tantrum if there's no response.

So I dipped a couple of small pieces of bread into the soup and put them on G's tray. She stopped whining and ate them. Then had the apple as well. Why the apple was suddenly an acceptable food for her wasn't immediately clear, but I'm sure there was some logic to it inside her tiny brain.

As for the soup and the bread, I made them both. The soup was based on the stock from the ham I did yesterday, and I baked the loaf from scratch this afternoon. It's fair to say I never used to have to the time to do that sort of thing before I found myself staying at home with G. I suppose it makes up for all the things I used to do but never do anymore. Like going to the cinema, or drinking in the afternoon.