Mini Tantrums

G is nearly 17 months old, which still puts her some way off the terrible twos. But although she hasn't yet thrown a huge crying fit about anything, she's gradually subjecting me to more and more short tantrums, usually when I take a toy away from her, or stop her doing something she shouldn't. Like trying to eat mud from the bottom of a shoe, which was a narrow escape from yesterday.

These mini tantrums only last a few seconds, and G is always easily distracted by something else, so whatever upset her is instantly forgotten. I was talking about this to Mrs J, and she said it was all because G can't tell me what she wants, so gets frustrated easily. I had to point out that I usually know exactly what it is she wants, and know that whatever it is just isn't a very good idea. Basically, the odd bit of crying is the price I'm paying for a daughter that doesn't grow up considering soil an acceptable snack.