Baby-Led Weaning

Weaning G off milk and onto proper food is turning out to be more fun than I expected. We're having a go at baby-led weaning, which basically involves leaving bits of food in front of her, and letting her pick up and have a chew at whatever she wants. G is demonstrating this in the picture above, with some bits of breadstick, one of her early favourite foods.

We're not ignoring the traditional method of weaning, which involves mushed up bits of fruit and veg, baby rice and suchlike, but G seems to prefer eating real bits of food. She runs through a wide variety of emotions as she puts different titbits in her mouth. Sometimes she chews thoughtfully, occasionally she smiles, but often the reaction isn't so good. I had a go with some apricot this morning, and she produced the sort of face I imagine she'll pull in a few years' time when I insist she finishes her sprouts. Rather than the feeding, I think seeing my little girl grow up is the thing I enjoy about it most.


Adam said...

It is just another big step in your baby growing up. It goes very fast doesn't it.

Breadsticks and now bread and butter seem to be the favourite of my 2 little ones.

Richard said...

Yes she likes most bread-based products, it must be because they go soggy and are easy to swallow once they get into her mouth. Gave her a bit of a hot cross bun the other day, she chewed on it thoughtfully, then made a face and very deliberately spat out a sultana! Rest of it went down though.