Six Months

G is six months old today. I could write something reflecting on the beautiful journey we've been on as a family since the day she was born, and talking about all of the wonderful emotions we've experienced. But if you've been reading this blog over the last six months, you'll know that kind of nonsense isn't really my style. And besides, G decided to get up at 4 o'clock this morning and refused to go back to sleep, so I'm feeling a bit tired to do anything creative.

Instead, here's a picture Mrs J took of us last night, as I took G for her first trip in her new carrier. We went for a walk up the hill to the postbox and back, and G smiled all the way.


Anonymous said...

Little elf has decided she has to sleep in our bed at 4:45 so I've given up and am sorting out my reader instead. I do miss carrying her around but I don't miss the sore back I was getting as she started to grow out of the carrier.

Richard said...

Yes, I can tell it's going to be difficult to carry her around when she's a bit bigger. Soon enough I'll be walking with a stoop.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Carriers are great. Dad's that carry are even better! Can't believe it is 6 months already. As everyone's maiden aunt always says, 'don't they grow fast'

Richard said...

They certainly do, it's quite alarming comparing her today with photos of her as a newborn.

Good luck with the move home from Tuzla! Perhaps you could rename your blog Brits No Longer In Bosnia? Actually you'll probably be after something a bit snappier than that.

Anonymous said...

Great to see another single dad scratchin his arse. lolololol. My boy is 8 now, please dont confuse me with someone having a laugh, i think you are doing a top job.

Added to faves!

All the best fella


Richard said...

Si - Cheers! I'm not single though, unless you know something I don't!