New Toy

Here's G playing with her new toy. It's one of those things that babies can sit in and bounce around, and comes complete with a variety of things which light up and make noises. She loves it.

However, this afternoon I discovered it had an unfortunate side effect. As usual when she's at home, G was in a cloth nappy. When all of the happy bouncing around gave way to the sort of crying which often indicates a nappy change is needed, I took her upstairs to assess the damage. It was pretty epic. What should have stayed in the nappy had escaped through all sides, no doubt helped by all of the energetic bouncing G had been doing. Not for the first time, and surely not for the last, an entirely new outfit was needed in the middle of the afternoon.

Cloth nappies may be better for the environment in theory, but in practice they just don't keep everything in as well as disposables. When you take into account all of the extra washing you have to do not just for the nappies themselves, but also the dirty clothes they fail to keep clean, you have to wonder whether they're really worth the effort. Cloth nappies do save you a few quid I suppose, but that's about it.