The G-Dog Meets A Real Dog

I sometimes call G the G-Dog. Partly this is because it seems reasonable to have a selection of short nicknames for her, so I don't have to use her much fancier, proper name all the time. And partly because she's obviously cool enough to have a hip-hop name. I'm tempted to take things further and start putting her in big shades and a medallion, although I think other parents might do more than just look at me sideways if I started turning up to baby groups with G in full Flavor Flav attire.

Anyway, a couple of friends came to stay this weekend and brought their Border Terrier. As the photo shows, this meant the G-Dog got to hang out with a real dog. Both of them seemed to enjoy it, and G spent a lot of time closely watching what her new friend was doing. Mrs J thinks this means we should get a dog, although I'm inclined to wait until G is a few years older, so it can be her pet as well. If I'm feeling generous I might even let G choose the name. At least, unlike me, she probably wouldn't think it'd be amusing to call it Snoop Dogg.


Dan said...

We had to give our dog away because it kept growling at our toddler.

I think the idea of waiting to get a dog until she is older is a very good one.