Roll Over

G has learned how to roll over. After a couple of weeks of lying on her back, struggling to get onto her side then falling back again, she's finally managed to get all the way over. This action shot captures her reaction after making it all the way from her back onto her front. She looked ready to get going and crawl off, but that's going to have to wait until she's a bit older. Instead she just lay there looking a bit confused.

This ought to be a happy moment in my daughter's development, but in reality it's one I've been dreading. From now on, I can no longer leave her somewhere, turn my back, then expect her to still be there when I return. I'd consider just strapping her to the floor, but I think that's the sort of behaviour that gets you into the papers. And not in a good way.


Heather said...

oh yes, it's never quite as easy once they start moving on their own, that's for sure!

Mama B said...

Well done G! And yes, sadly she can probably get into all sorts of mischief now. Well, unless she can only roll one way (like my C can). Put her on the opposite side and rejoice in immobile baby once more ;-)

I see a boob shaped bottle in your pic. C, who was previously taking expressed milk on occasion, has started to refuse, agh. Is that bottle good? x

Richard said...

We haven't actually needed to use it yet, she's still happy enough with the traditional bottles. Embarrassingly (for her), Mrs J got it and brought it home without realising it was shaped like a boob. Even though she's gone back to work, she's clearly still suffering from the odd bit of baby brain!